Future security

A secure, stable and equitable world for all people.

ANU is uniquely connected to government, and is a hub for national and international discussion of future security in the region, including defence and resource challenges. Our researchers discover and implement strategies towards a secure, stable and equitable world for all people.

Research areas

Secure networks

Our researchers are at the forefront of deep communications and network technologies, with applications that will provide absolutely secure channels of communication, and will improve efficiency and reliability across networked and distributed systems.

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Resilience & adaptation

How communities and governments adapt in an uncertain world is a key area of interdisciplinary research at ANU. We are looking at the effects of development, climate change and policy decisions on Australian and Asia-Pacific region populations, including Indigenous peoples.

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Security policy

With unique influence to policy makers in Australia and an outstanding international reputation, ANU is a national hub for discussion of security challenges now and in the future. We bring together experts across all disciplines to understand the security issues.

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Food security

Tackling the global problem of food security in an interdisciplinary way, our world-class research with global partners includes crop productivity and disease, water and land management and rights, development, economics and public policy, all coming together to improve outcomes for vulnerable populations.

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Strategy & defence

ANU is Australia鈥檚 home of strategic studies research, education and commentary. Our focus is on understanding the complexity of Asia鈥檚 strategic environment, Australia鈥檚 place in it, and the utility and application of armed forces in international affairs.

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