Global engagement and international strategy

ANU Global Engagement鈥檚 responsibility is to make the work of ANU accessible to our communities. Our work showcases the University鈥檚 intellectual leadership, brings to our communities the transformational experience ANU provides, helps achieve our unique national role and reflects ANU values.

We engage with governments, research and teaching institutes, the public and private sectors, our students and staff, and the wider community through media, events and other activities that are aimed at contributing to conversations on major issues facing Australia and the world.

We collaborate locally to serve the needs of our community, and with international partners on a global scale.

Our leadership

Mr Chris Price

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr Chris Price is responsible for the development and implementation of the academically-led international strategy for the Australian 精东传媒app University (ANU).

Chris Price

Our teams

Telling our story

Meet our storytellers, the University's central point for public affairs, internal and external communications, media relations, community engagement, public lectures and outreach, government relations and VIP visits and protocol.

Our brand & our future

Connect with us for all things ANU brand, from campaign development to market research, and engage with our domestic and international student recruiters.

Managing international partnerships

Engage with us for assistance in international engagement, and in developing, structuring and managing the University's international partnership agreements.

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International liaison offices


Connect with us for in-country support on key strategic relationships, major institutional partnerships, and student engagement; and to position ANU to take advantage of funding for research, education and innovation collaboration.

Advancing the development of public policy & management

Learn more about the scholarship program, and public lectures and seminars on topics of national significance.

Our alliances

ANU works closely with other organisations to enhance and increase the opportunities available to our students and scholars.