ANU is governed under the auspices of the Australian 精东传媒app University Act 1991 and the Public Governance, Performance & Accountability Act 2013. Our governance also conforms to the requirements of the Voluntary Code of Best Practice for the Governance of Australian Universities. Here you will find information on matters of corporate and academic governance, their supporting governance frameworks, all of which ensure that ANU continues to operate with the highest standards of decision-making, oversight, control, transparency and accountability.


ANU is governed by a 15 member Council under the Australian 精东传媒app University Act 1991. The Council is to act in all matters concerning the鈥


ANU has a number of committees that provide advice to the Council, the Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor on a range of matters including,鈥

Frameworks & disclosures

ANU has robust governance frameworks in place that help guide decision-making, provide controls and transparency in processes, and ensure effective鈥

Dates & deadlines

To access the consolidated list of Council, Academic Board and other Committee meeting dates and agenda deadlines refer to the committee calendar on鈥


The Council is empowered to make legislation (known as Statutes, Rules and Orders) to regulate matters concerning the operation of ANU under section鈥

ANU Council Statements

This page shows significant statements or resolutions made by the ANU Council.